About the Conference

MEGAMUN 2024 is the biggest MUN conference in The Netherlands. It will be held in The Hague from 28-10-24 until 03-11-24. The conference is organised by a group of 80 enthousiastic students who want to organise the most educational, fun and inclusive conference ever held. The theme of the conference also reflects this: different yet equal: building strong, united nations together. 

Our conference strives to be as inclusive as possible and we hope to accomodate a variety of delegates. Whether you have a specific diet, physical conditions, need extra support, we are here to ensure a safe space for your fun and education! Because we understand not everyone can afford to travel here and pay the conference fee and housing, we have a special fund for 10 grants so students who are unable to afford can still get a chance. You can apply for the grant here.

MEGAMUN is an educational conference and we do not only want to teach delegates MUN, but we want them to grow as competent world citizens. That is why we have one entire day devoted to workshops and cultural events during the week.

Students ages 14-26 from all countries are welcome at our conference. They will be separated in age groups 14-18, 18-22 and 22-26. 

The conference knows three blocks; you can choose to attend for 3, 4 or 7 days. For more information, see the table on the right (see below on phone).

MEGAMUN was founded by Sjors de Natris in 2022.


Block Days
A Monday - Wednesday
B Thursday - Sunday
C Monday - Sunday